AutoRABIT Professional Certifications

Ramp up your release management skills and beyond!

ARM Pro Foundation

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ARM Pro Admin

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ARM Pro nCino

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the certifications for?

AutoRABIT Certifications demonstrate an ability and mastery of our products for many levels and use cases. 

How do I get a certificate Voucher for Admin and nCino?

Please reach out to [email protected]  or your your AutoRABIT Representative for information on vouchers. 

What should I get certified for?

We base our certifications on Roles and Use Cases within our AutoRABIT tool and Salesforce best practices. Getting certified based on what aligns with your role is a great starting point! 

Where can I see my certifications?

Certifications can be viewed, managed, and saved locally as a PDF from your profile section of Academy. No worries – they stay with your account! 

Verify an AutoRABIT Certification

Paste the unique certificate ID below to verify an AutoRABIT certification! ✔️

Not sure of the ID number? You can search a name or email for results as well. 

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